On the REBO-terminal 42 wind turbines of Siemens are prepared to be installed at sea on the Rentel wind farm.


Project Description

Rentel is the fifth windfarm constructed in the Belgian part of the North Sea. The Rentel wind farm comprises 42 D7 Siemens turbines. These wind turbines have a nominal capacity of 7 MW which can be increased to 7.35 MW, environmental conditions permitting. The wind turbine parts will be manufactured in many different places and brought to Siemens’ facilities to be assembled. Upon assembly, the different parts of the wind turbine will be moved from their production facilities to the pre-assembly harbour in Ostend. At the REBO site, in the harbour of Ostend, the blades, towers and nacelles of the wind turbines will be loaded on the jack-up installation vessel ‘Sea Installer’, provided by GeoSea.

Project Details
  • storage of the wind turbine elements: tower elements, nacelles, blades
  • subassembly of the towers
  • loading of the turbine elements on installation vessel Apollo