14 Nov 2016

Rebo-terminal in Port of Oostende candidate as marshalling harbor for Borssele 1 & 2

The offshore wind industry is, after Belgium, now also booming business in the Netherlands. The Dutch wind farm Borssele is almost the mirror image of the Belgian parks. If you look at the map, you, can immediately see that the Port of Oostende is strategically located in relation to Borssele.

The originally Danish energy company Dong was awarded the construction of Borssele 1 & 2 (2 x 380 MW). Dong is now putting the puzzle together in order to be able to build both parks at a price of € 72.7 MW / h. It remains to be seen which partners will be involved and from which port it will happen.

The Port of Oostende is a candidate, as marshalling harbor, for the construction, but also as a service port for the maintenance of Borssele 1 & 2.

The varied realizations from the REBO terminal, the strategic location and easy accessibility make the Port of Oostende a reliable partner for the smooth rollout of the first two Borssele offshore wind farms in Dutch waters.

Ten years of experience

The Port of Oostende has been actively involved in building and maintaining the Belgian offshore wind farms for the past ten years. With this knowledge in mind, the Port of Oostende is now stepping towards the Dutch market.

"Each project has a different process and that requires flexibility in terms of organization and infrastructure," explains Paul Gerard, CEO of Rebo and Port of Oostende. "Logistically there are a lot of challenges. The turbine parts that are treated on our site are, with each project, bigger and heavier. The market is now scaling. This brings new challenges for the developers, but also for ports. After the installation phase there is the maintenance phase. This runs over a longer period and again requires a new approach, other infrastructure and well trained personnel. The Port of Oostende and Rebo terminal are also responding to this demand. "

Belgian wind farms

The offshore wind industry in Belgium is undoubtedly in full swing. In addition to the three already built wind farms C-Power, Belwind 1, Northwind and Nobel Wind which is under construction, there are still five wind farms in the planning: Rentel, Norther, Northwester 2, Mermaid and Seastar. On 3rd October Rentel finalized the financing. The works to build Rentel and Norther at sea, totaling more than 600 MW, can begin next year.