13 Jul 2016
  • intermarine, drago j, nobelwind, rebo, terminal, port of oostende
  • intermarine, drago j, nobelwind, rebo, terminal, port of oostende
  • intermarine, drago j, nobelwind, rebo, terminal, port of oostende
  • intermarine, drago j, nobelwind, rebo, terminal, port of oostende
  • intermarine, drago j, nobelwind, rebo, terminal, port of oostende
  • Nobelwind, Rebo, terminal, Port of Oostende, Jan De Nul, Vole au Vent

REBO-terminal, the heart of Energy Port Oostende

On July 7th, the vessel Drago J, brought the last 10 pieces for the foundations of the Nobelwind project to the port of Ostend. Since a few months, the REBO terminal at Energy Port Oostende is in full operation: it has become the heart of the installation of the Nobelwind offshore wind farm, preparing the different components of the windmills for their life at sea. The project is managed by Parkwind and realized by the company Jan De Nul, who has launched its installation vessel Vole au Vent for this operation. With the handling of the very heavy foundations and transition pieces, Energy Port Oostende proves to be an efficient marshalling port for the construction of wind parks at sea.

Adequate infrastructure for the construction of offshore wind farms

The REBO-terminal has all infrastructure available for the efficient installation of the offshore wind projects: the terminal offers the operators 800 meters of quays, 15 hectares terminal surface with a loading-capacity of 20 tons/m², and jack-up facilities for the installation vessels. The REBO-terminal offers a direct access to the open sea and Energy Port Oostende gives priority to the operations of the offshore vessels.

Next to the REBO-terminal, the Energy Port Oostende takes care of the development of the necessary infrastructure, which is demanded by the (more than 50) suppliers to the offshore wind industry and for the companies, specializing in the maintenance. Even high-value installations for professional offshore training is operational at the port: Falck Safety Services have built their most modern offshore training-center at the port of Oostende.

Experience and know how

Nobelwind is not the first project that has been realized by both the REBO-terminal and the Energy Port Oostende. Since 2008, the port has chosen the strategic option to become a key player in the offshore wind sector. It all started with the construction of the first 6 concrete foundations (2700 tons each) that have been built and efficiently handled at the port in order to launch the first Belgian offshore wind park , C-Power . Also the following C-Power phases (2012-2013) were built from the REBO terminal: a total of 48 tower sections, 48 hubs and 144 blades were pre-assembled at the terminal and installed at sea with installation vessel Neptune.

Meanwhile, the Alstom (now GE) Haliade 6MW, the (at that moment) largest offshore wind turbine in the world, was installed from the REBO-terminal. The installation at sea was realized by the jack up vessel Bold Tern. The Haliade is now operational at the Belwind wind farm.

What brings the future?

After the finalization of the Nobelwind project, 4 of the 9 Belgian offshore wind parks are built, representing an installed capacity of 877 MW. An overall capacity of 2251 MW is planned to be installed. Therefore, Energy Port Oostende , in close cooperation with REBO, will continue to valorize its experience as a key marshalling port for all kind of (heavy) components for the installation and maintenance of offshore wind parks.

International activities

In the Netherlands, the development of Borssele has recently started. This offshore wind farm is the mirror image of the Belgian wind farms on the other side of the Belgian-Dutch border at sea. For the installation and the maintenance of Borssele, Energy Port Oostende and REBO want to confirm their experience in offshore wind projects.

Visit us at Wind Energy Hamburg

To put the international activities in offshore wind Energy Port of Ostend in the spotlight, REBO is participating WindEnergy Hamburg from 27 - September 30, 2016. You will find REBO in the Belgian Pavilion. Want to visit us? Ask here your free ticket for Wind Energy Hamburg.